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What I’d like you to know about . . . The Buying Process

When we start to work together I have found that it’s sort of a learning together process. Your first step is the pre-approval;

Pre Approval

Before you begin to search in earnest you really want to know your buying power. Avoid being disappointed. Start with a reputable lender who can tell you what you can buy, comfortably, and what your monthly payments will look like. (Don’t forget you’ll get an adjustment to your taxes also.) You want a “Pre-Approval” letter from them at this point.


Find a reputable lender. This can be a broker or direct lender. I look for a lender who can work quickly and efficiently to be sure your deal closes on time. I have a list of lenders I trust and work with regularly I can share with you.


We work together to see different neighborhoods, learn what you can buy for your money and get educated together. I am learning about your tastes and wants, you are learning about what will work for you, within your budget. Pretty soon, you know what’s out there and you will narrow down your search.


We set up automatic searches that tell you and me when something comes up that fits your criteria. We act quickly if you know a property looks like a good fit. We work as a team here!

The Offer

Once we find the “right” home we agree on the terms, write up the offer and position ourselves with our best offer. Relationships, knowledge of the market and honest business practices work in our favor here.


We will work together to negotiate, when necessary, and decide how to “play our hand”. I recommend, you make the decisions.
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